The company use its leased fleet as well as sub-contracted transporters. Upon receipt of Release notification from customs and having complied with all authorities requirements, the cargo is transported to the client’s premises at a reasonable fee by Hornbill Holdings transport division.

Transport Division is subdivided into two:

Heavy Haulage

Local – Transport is provided for moving cargo particularly from terminals, depots to clients and vice versa. General transport is also provided from a point to another as per instructions of clients.

International – The Company is also involved in facilitating trade across the borders through the provision of transport through to the Southern African Region corridors as well as to other African States.

Part-Loads, Groupages, Courier services

Movement of goods amongst importers, traders and retailers is made easier through the provision of groupage delivery and courier services. These services provide convenience to air cargo importers as well as trade amongst importers themselves. The importer is left to focus on his or her core business whilst logistics such as safe and secure delivery of goods is left to the reliable Hornbill Holdings team.


The Agency has business partners abroad, particularly in China.

Import & Export Inspections

The company will handle all stops and detentions placed on any cargo

Customs Consultancy

The agency has availed its services to accept work from other shipping companies...