Clearing and Forwarding Services


Imports – The Agency has business partners abroad, particularly in China and the United Arab Emirates who serve as agents facilitating and assisting in moving goods from countries of origin to the Republic of South Africa. Hornbill holdings gives to its clients forwarding services by allocating work to only reliable and competent Shipping and Air lines with good track record, hence, will utilise faster and cheaper routes.

Importers of goods are assured a stress-free forwarding of goods as their cargo navigates through the waters and air. Safety and security of cargo is always prioritised beginning from port of loading to client’s premises.

Exports – In case of export goods and where clients do not have Agents in the destination country, the company always maintain links with sound agents that accept and make possible easy movement and delivery of commodities to intended recipients.

Customs Clearing

Imports – Upon receipt of the relevant documents, the company ensures speedy clearance and release of cargo through customs, hence, smooth delivery to the client. Modern systems and software that often provide daily updates are used in clearing with the aim of ensuring accurate tariff classification of commodities, thereby avoiding unnecessary delays in delivery of imported goods. All clearance is done to the satisfaction of clients and in accordance with the legislations of the Republic.

Exports – The Company has now extended its operations to include clearance of export goods as well. The client is given support service up to when the goods leave the country successfully. The company works in partnership with other clearing agents at all the borders of South Africa.

Transit clearance – Clearance is also done for goods meant to pass the Republic to other Countries.
EDI – Customs entries are submitted electronically for speedy release of goods.

Transport Co-ordination & Distribution Solutions

The company use its leased fleet as well as sub-contracted transporters.

Import & Export Inspections

The company will handle all stops and detentions placed on any cargo whether or not cleared by it initially.

Customs Consultancy

The agency has availed its services to accept work from other shipping companies...